Monday, April 25, 2011

Sparkly & Bright Colored Shoes to Celebrate Spring in New England!

Well, this post is about 24 hours late - as this was the shoe of the day for Sunday April 24, 2011, and I apologize for the delay in posting.

It was FINALLY some nice weather outside, I had a fresh new pedicure, and decided it was a day where heels weren't necessary as I was going to just be working on homework for my masters degree financial management class in a cafe all day.

These are a thong/flip-flop style sandal made by Jantzen with "jewels" or "crystals" along the silver-trimmed, bright teal, silk-covered suede straps that has an almost Indian design quality to them.  The sole of the shoe is a tan dense foam type of base, but it covered in a finished layer of some other kind of leather like material to make the sole bed of this shoe super comfortable.

So these sparkly and bright shoes were a great pick for a finally sunny and gorgeous Sunday in New England!

Back to heels tomorrow! ;) ;)

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