Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Minimal Shoes Today - Barefoot Training Days 2 & 3

So, I know I started this as a "A Shoe a Day" blog, but in today's post, I needed to let you all know that although I LOVE shoes beyond a normal or expected amount, I also am dipping my toes into the world of minimalist/barefoot jogging/running/walking, and the various related footwear---or lack there of.

Today's picture reflects what my feet were experiencing during #Merrell 's #GoBarefoot Women's Pretty Strong Program....Days 2 & 3. Day 2 consisted of walking outside barefoot on "softer surfaces" like grass, and the sand & sch, but day 3 includes harder surfaces, so I included the metal docks, the sidewalk, parking lot, etc.

Now since this STILL is a SHOE blog, it must be made known that I do not intend to ever run the streets of my city completely barefoot.....that idea just plain scares me.  i am however fully committed to following Merrell's GoBarefoot advice and training program to help me get accustomed to my new Merrell Barefoot Lithe Glove Shoes.  (shown below)  By the way, it was the color & "coolness" in the design factor that first caught my eyes in the store, and then I just had to buy them & then try the program!!!  Great job Merrell & Vibram for catching this shoe lover's attention even when she was buying sneakers!!
So far, I have done the just bare feet days of the program, and walked around a while in the shoes.  I can't wait to start more & give you more updates & feedback on what appears to be an awesome coupling between Merrell & Vibram already!  I hope their partnership & my training works out!! 

Does anyone else have any experience with the Merrell & Vibram partnership to create these amazing varieties of shoes?  If so, please feel free to comment & follow!  I am still new to this concept, so each day, i think I will have the "real" shoes I wore, as well as, the #GoBarefoot day updates for the program (with & without the shoes)