Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spot these cute shoes! Spot(s) On!

Well today I wanted to wear a dress due to the finally gorgeous weather that we had in the Boston area.  With that weather also came a desire for more of a sandal type of shoe that was both work appropriate, weather appropriate, and FUN!  Then, I spotted these cutsies for my tootsies!!

Today's shoes are Qupid brand and had a faux woven wedge sole that was topped with black fabric straps and white polka dots!!  The spots are in!  The strap across the toe portion has a  knotted look to it, and the strap behind the heel is connected to two patent leather straps that cross around the ankle and buckle slightly up the leg. 
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - Qupid shoes

This mix of fun polka dots, the classic black & white color palette, and the crossing straps slightly up the leg make these shoes super sexy, fun, and stylish for anything and anywhere, including the workplace.

Tomorrow's shoes will be a mix of work and night out appropriate because I have an afterwork VIP I think it is time to go to sleep to dream of SHOES!!!

Half & Half, Anyone? How about a half on each foot?

Today was an indecisive day in the closet this morning.  Well that is, or was I should say, until I looked down and saw my Nine West "Hamish" shoes.  I knew right then that I was going to wear those shoes, and just have to come up with an outfit that worked for today's weather, and of course my SHOE selection for the day.

Well, that's enough about the outfit......back to the SHOES!
Tuesday, April 26, 2011
So the Nine West "Hamish" style shoe is a 3 1/4-inch heel pump with a peep toe--that's a sandal. It is a sandal that is gladiator like but has a heel and a platform.  It has buckles and straps. It is half strappy, and half solid...100% leather...and 100% SEXY! 

The sexy of these shoes comes with stylish comfort as well with a nice finished zipper and a padded insole.  These shoes are just soo comfortable and so hot.......that I just felt like I was rockin' the runway all day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Another Sassy, Sexy, and yet Sophisticated Simpson Heel Monday

This week started off in style with a new pair of pants and some sassy heels.

Today I went with another designer who seems to make shoes for my feet in particular....Jessica Simpson! 

The heel of choice for the day work wear and early evening wear was a high-heeled, chocolate brown, snakeskin/croc patterned, patent leather, squared-off peep toe, platform, d'orsay pump.  Well that seems like a mouthful now doesn't it! 

Monday, April 25, 2011 - Jessica Simpson D'orsay Pumps
Anyway, this "Josette" style 4-inch heel and squared-off open toe, platform design is super cute and sexy, and yet has classy lines that make it appropriate to wear with a dress, or with nice dress pants to the office - as I wore them today.  The rich chocolate color looks great against lighter color tones as well as other saturated bright hues like the color on my recently pedicured toes.  :)

Well after a long day and night of wear, I am kicking off these fantastic heels to catch a few winks before making my next daytime shoe on the lookout!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sparkly & Bright Colored Shoes to Celebrate Spring in New England!

Well, this post is about 24 hours late - as this was the shoe of the day for Sunday April 24, 2011, and I apologize for the delay in posting.

It was FINALLY some nice weather outside, I had a fresh new pedicure, and decided it was a day where heels weren't necessary as I was going to just be working on homework for my masters degree financial management class in a cafe all day.

These are a thong/flip-flop style sandal made by Jantzen with "jewels" or "crystals" along the silver-trimmed, bright teal, silk-covered suede straps that has an almost Indian design quality to them.  The sole of the shoe is a tan dense foam type of base, but it covered in a finished layer of some other kind of leather like material to make the sole bed of this shoe super comfortable.

So these sparkly and bright shoes were a great pick for a finally sunny and gorgeous Sunday in New England!

Back to heels tomorrow! ;) ;)