Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spot these cute shoes! Spot(s) On!

Well today I wanted to wear a dress due to the finally gorgeous weather that we had in the Boston area.  With that weather also came a desire for more of a sandal type of shoe that was both work appropriate, weather appropriate, and FUN!  Then, I spotted these cutsies for my tootsies!!

Today's shoes are Qupid brand and had a faux woven wedge sole that was topped with black fabric straps and white polka dots!!  The spots are in!  The strap across the toe portion has a  knotted look to it, and the strap behind the heel is connected to two patent leather straps that cross around the ankle and buckle slightly up the leg. 
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - Qupid shoes

This mix of fun polka dots, the classic black & white color palette, and the crossing straps slightly up the leg make these shoes super sexy, fun, and stylish for anything and anywhere, including the workplace.

Tomorrow's shoes will be a mix of work and night out appropriate because I have an afterwork VIP I think it is time to go to sleep to dream of SHOES!!!

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