Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Fave Brand Yesterday; An Old Fave Brand Today!

Well, yesterday I wore my new Seychelles (style: Ring in the New Year), and LOVE is definitely a new favorite brand for me now.  However, today I went with one of the best fitting brands for me and that is Nine West.  I have only worn these a few times, but absolutely love the feeling and look of them.  There are just certain brands that are made for certain people's feet, and Nine West and I get along FABULOUSLY!

Thursday April 21, 2011 - Nine West "Guffaw" Shoes in Gray
These Nine West Heels "Guffaw" style in gray  have super soft Genuine Cow Leather & Fur Upper  with a 4-inch heel.......but you wouldn't know it since they are sooo comfortable and cute & hot at the same time!

Since these aren't new-new, I can't remember if I got them at a Nine West store or at DSW.....

Well anyway, here's to today's old fave brand and to a couple of compliments already during the day.

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